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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
@Dilscoop: When can we expect:

1) List of players to be drafted?

2) Draft schedule?

3) Trade deadline?

I think you should publish all three ASAP and then work on other things. According to my understanding, N_W is being rewarded with a bonus draft pick for signing up a couple of days early, and by the same "logic" latecomers shouldn't have the early knowledge we should of who to draft and try and trade for before the deadline
I've gathered about 400 players, I'm still adding more. I also have the schedule ready. I was thinking about posting them as soon as we have the last 2 dude and as soon as current managers finish those steps. But I guess I can post the player list so you guys can get an idea and plan things. That makes sense. Points for you.

I haven't really thought about trading though, as it being the first season. What you have in mind?
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