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Originally Posted by Bancan
Honestly some of you are pure idiots. Having seen first hand what depression did to my mom, those who call it white mans disease can go **** yourself. Ignorant smartasses.
Bancan, I would like to apologize if my post, which came out before my knowledge of your mom suffering from it, had hurt you in anyway. As I said in my reply to ZeeshanM, it was supposed to be humorous because of English team’s attitude toward this whole Worldcup debacle where they weren’t quite sure whether it’s their lack of ability or the effect of too much cricket was the reason for their lackluster performance. I thought it was the whole English team that looked depressed and depressing throughout the WC….so the news of Yardy packing his bag before the rest of the team was a bit funny.
My statement was taking a poke at the English team not their race, though it may have sounded that way, and in no way I was making fun of the disease depression it self. Sincerely sorry for whatever you had to go through in your life.
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