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Originally Posted by ZeeshanM
I find most of your posts witty and funny...but this one was in poor taste. I know what you meant. White man implies rich people in general and it's a disease of rich people. But it's a very wrong impression. Or else there would be no mentally depressed people in Bangladesh.

And Neel please do your research before surmising falsely.
Zee, sorry I have to pull this thread from the dead as I have been gone for a couple of days only to find out today that I got a warning from BC for being uncivilized.

Yes, you are right, I meant exactly how you stated and in fact I was going to write that only to be interjected by my coworker; so I didn’t bother to write the rest or even check how I spelled “disease” and see what has happened since then. You thought it was of poor taste, some thought I was being a smartass and what not…..but I was just being sarcastic.

Going back to your point why it was a wrong impression that depression is only rich people’s disease: yes, it’s a bit of generalization but when people in Bangladesh say that Blood pressure is a rich-man’s disease they or the saying in Bangladeshi context don’t really mean people who are rich only has blood pressure. What it actually means is in a poor country like Bangladesh only rich people can afford to find out that they have a simple issue as blood pressure (though it’s not the case anymore as healthcare is more accessible now days but the saying or the witty meaning of the saying lives on). But by no means high blood pressure is simple and people can have strokes, as my mom did (who is not rich), but would that saying be demeaning to my mom? No, it’s just a saying and one would hope that people who lived in Bangladesh or had Bangladeshi cultural influence should understand that if they didn’t then one cannot blame them, but since it’s Banglacricket, I thought it would be appropriate to say something funny in Bangladeshi context…..especially with the way English team is going back and forth with their fatigue issue based on their performance after each match.

But I do know we Bangladeshi are sorta emotional and take things too seriously. I know my personality often clash with that as I tend to joke around a bit and I could also come across too direct. Anyways, the fault is mine since I am in a public forum full of Bangladeshis…peace.

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