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Okay, some opinion questions for you cricket savvy guys. Please give me your thoughts.

1. What did you guys think of the Matrix style replays of the Australian Tests with Aus v SL?
Did you guys think it was worth it?
Did it augment your experience?
Do you think it will catch on?

2. It is stated that FanVision has opened a new door to sports viewership - especially in the NFL and Nascar. It is said that it will work in sports where there are frequent pauses in game play - for obvious reasons - because one is busy while manipulating this device.

Today Qualcommm announced a partnership with FanVision. .
According to FanVision CEO their vision is to ultimately incorporate this into regular phones with LTE - hence the partnership.

1. Do you think this is worth your money to augment the viewing experience of Cricket - (focus on only cricket)? (say it is included for a small fee when you buy the venue ticket and you see it on your phone)

2. You think it will catch on in different venues and widely accepted?

3. If you were to adopt the technology - what would you like to see as far as angles, close-ups - etc are concerned? e.g. footwork, where ball is pitched, live trajectories, putting iphone before your face in camera mode and seeing overlayed trajectory automatically? (there is such an app that aligns constellations while you look at the stars now - even from your living room!)

Would appreciate your insights! Thanks!
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