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Originally Posted by Gowza
Flintoff would be more useful ODIs. kallis doesn't bat fast enough which is the problem, kohli, ab, viv etc would get a spot as batsmen ahead of him and kallis isn't a good enough bowler to be picked as a front line bowler so that puts him at the number 7/8 spot which is out of position for him plus he doesn't bat fast enough plus you'd pick the better more dangerous bowler in that position.

Hence it's not so laughable to compare Flintoff with kallis.

Straight up though the averages do favour kallis.

But ODIs, kallis' strike rate is 72, bowling average is 31 compared to flintoff's 24. Flintoff also has a better economy and strike rate with the ball. As a bat the average is much in favour of kallis but strike rate of Flintoff is 88/89 compared to that 72 for kallis and batting at 7/8 strike rate is very important plus a 32 bat average is still very respectable for a 7/8.

So the only way you're getting kallis into the team is if he bats up the order but there are many more capable ODIs bats to pick ahead of kallis.

How many ODI bowlers average 24 with a 32 average strike nearing 90, and pretty sure kallis in a particular position in ODIs averages over 40 with a pretty high strike rate.

Although in t20s it's closer, possibly in kallis' favour.
I was really talking from a test stand point

As for odis, it's closer than tests for sure

Flintoff is the better bowler

As for batting, it's not even close, you don't judge them by looking at all time XI, you judge them against each other and fact is Kallis was the backbone of the team, Flintoff was a lower order slogger

How many average 32 and 24, well how many average 44 and 31

All this without mentioning longevity

Further, an ability of a player is mostly judged on test cricket ability and Kallis dwarfs Flintoff there
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