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Originally Posted by tiger1000
You said most said this, when it wasn't true, but you kept trying to push it.

Flintoff is a better all rounder than Kallis.. Am a huge Freddie fan, but that is simply incorrect, and it's not even opinion, it's a simple fact. Am sorry you know nothing about cricket or all rounders at the least, this tells me all I need to know, am not continuing with this conversation anymore

Just to let you know, whilst Kallis wasn't much of an all rounder this decade, he was a great one in the 90's and 00's, second greatest all rounder of all time, second greatest player of all time. If Flintoff is better than Kallis, then sure Stokes, ashwin Jadeja, moeen are all a superior to Shakib
Now you are making opinions into fact.. Flintoff is not a better All-Rounder than Kallis? complete joker. have you taken a survey amongst fans? or like amongst expert cricket analysers lol... It's your opinion, I respect that.

Just don't make it into a fact, please.

Flintoff is more of a genuine all-rounder, compared to Kallis. In the sense Flintoff had more responsibility, especially as a bowler.
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