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^ I guess you can tweet @ESPN.

I'm sure most of you know this already. But I know many who don't. Just so everyone is aware of it, they aren't just broadcasting this tourney. ESPN is in a deal with ICC through WC15. So they'll broadcast every ICC events till then (if nothing goes wrong). So the best thing for us would be to watch, re-watch, comment, like, share, tweet, w/e the **** else we can do to let them know that they've got enough views. So they extend their deal. Cricket scores has been on the ESPN scroller and on the main page, it made it through to top 10 plays 4-5 times last week. That's little but BIG. And I read they will show the final on ESPN2!

Now it's up to us, the cricket fans to use this chance and push forward from here on. It does sound a bit lame, and why should we have to do all that just because ESPN finally realized about cricket and it's popularity, but we should for our own good...
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