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Originally Posted by Eshen
A whole lot of things went wrong even before the Pakistan match actually:

1) Mash picked up hamstring injury during WC. He refused even to scan his injury, and stayed as a passenger in the team for the rest of the tournament.

2) They had a week long layoff before India-Pakistan matches. Instead of using the time for injury rehab, Mash and Co went for 5 day vacation.

3) Injury situation got so bad Mash and Mushfiq were not even practicing in nets before Pakistan match, and were not suppose to play in that match. They played disregarding the team plan made the night before.

4) Mash-Shakib got into conflict over Riyad's selection, after how Riyad derailed the chase against England. Afterwards, Shakib stopped attending team planning meetings.

5) Since Mash is untouchable now, BCB decided to make a scapegoat out of Rhodes - blamed him for not having control over the situations (Walsh and Joshi supposed to leave after WC anyway).

6) To make matters worse, Tamim apparently is having a bout of PTSD, because the abuse he faced from fans after his WC'15 failures.

Good news - we don't have another ODI series scheduled till December 2020. Shakib will get a chance to start fresh with T20I team in September at home, against Afghanistan, where there will be no Mash, and, most likely, no Riyad (he will have to go through a surgery and a long rehab afterwards).

Wow, I love this post! I would only add 7) Players getting demoralized after seeing one man keeping gloves hostage for so long despite being historically inept. Actually, that would be no. 1. Pushing all your great points one step down.
The end of Rahim will mark a new great beginning for the complacency free Bangladesh!
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