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Originally Posted by ToBeFair
Jeffrey Epstein, who used to supply underage girls to powerful elites like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, suddenly commits suicide inside a prison cell.

Why stopping at these two names.... few more names already came up former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) and former Sen. George Mitchell (D-Maine) from the accuser. And also Bill Gate's name came up.

There quite a few big shot's name (with clean public image.... polical and non-political) was about to come up in the trial. May be they should be the prime suspect. Now the case will be dropped (as he is dead) and those name never come to public. Those unknown names (that would come up in the news later at some point) are the prime beneficiary of this suicide.

Epstein had lots of money and he was a democrat (and serious Obama Supporter) and donated a lot of high provide democrats... not one or two... many.

btw there is another gay Billionaire in CA (Ed Buck) , who also a huge Democrat Donar, two gay (prostitutes) died in his house due to "drug overdose" within years and nothing really happened to him (so far).... he is not implicating Trump.... so it is not getting any highlight in the news link

These kind of scumbags are being tolerated by the two parties because they provide the money to the parties.... they only come up for wrong reasons.... to take an upper-hand to the opponent only for political reason..... not for moral reason.

Harvey Weinstein (another Democrat donor and supporter) got away with so long because of his political connection, has nothing to do with Trump the politician.

Michael Jackson is another scumbag got away with child abuse (sexual abuse).
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