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Originally Posted by Fazal
Soumya,Sabbir and Mossadek none are established players. If they continue to fail, one way or another they will be dropped and new players will get an opportunity. but that doesn't mean old reject like Nasir will automatically get the call.....Nasir doesn;t quality as a new player. He is a old reject, and so far he haven't done anything locally to get his next chance.

Like all old rejects, he need to do more locally and then wait patiently on the line. Right now he doesn't even qualified himself to wait in the line, forget about getting back in the team. Eta ki mamar Barir abdar?
No, Soumya, Sabbir, Mossadek are not established players. All three of their averages are on par with a reject like Nasir Hossain.

In short, they are all crap.
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