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Originally posted by TigerFan
Originally posted by Fazal
Bangladesh does not belongs to only radical Muslims
Who ever citizen of Bangladesh, the country belongs to him/her.

Now, the people you are calling radical, they are with good taste. Only people with bad taste hangs around with swimsuit. So don't call Muslims radical, ok.
All Muslims are not radical, of course some Muslims are radical. For example, someone who loves to measure the ideal length of beard by a pepsi bottle, for sure they are radical. In Bangladesh there are huge number of such people including who are not allowing women to swim thinking that women are slaves of men.

Tell me how many of you would let your sisters/wives go out in a swimming competition with their swim suits on?
One of my shibir/rajakar friend, who killed a Chatra Dal leader for not being a shibir in the Chittagong University, used to ask same question again and again. However, I'm sure this poster is not the same person.
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