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Funny progressive and neo liberal "intellectual" members of this forum are majority pro-Democrat. This is particularly telling. Just like the atrophy and degeneration of values and morals of the Democratic party, we don't practice openmindedness, compassion, tolerance and difference of opinion.

All our "uncles" and "aunties" proudly proclaim their democratic badge with the profile picture on frames, but how many have fervent stance on abortion, the right of a free individual to consume drugs and heck battery acid for that matter, the right to practice other religions be it 'murti puja' as well as views on LGBT community, anti-death penalty, etc? The way we are so quick to judge others (not Bangladeshi but as a subcontinental race and nation as a whole and in general) is NO DIFFERENT from the Trumpsters.

Nay. We chose the easy route cuz we equated pro-immigration with Democratic party stemming from our guilt complex of victimhood and 'oh-we-shall-but-always-be-second-generation-here' (as if Dems will then be our Savior...).

Amra shudhu naamkawaste progressive.

The spite...
The judgement...
The resentment...
The scorn...

Is same I read in Bible. Where they vilify it...yet vilify it using the same tools they use it. LOL! Kinda like what I am doing now...
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