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Being a staunch opposition of neo-liberalism, I enjoyed this take on Brexit:

But, unlike many who voted to remain, I was also interested in how and why people were voting Leave. Almost all the South Asians around me, many Pakistani first-generation immigrants, started professing the virtues of leaving the EU. For them, the case against the EU was simple: with fewer workers from the EU, there would be more jobs for people from South Asia. This reasoning was not driven by racism, xenophobia or even imperial nostalgia but simple ‘self-interest’. The logic of ‘self-interest’ in the current economic system pits one exploited group against another exploited group.
Ignoring economic reasons when examining Brexit is akin to ignoring the corpse during a postmortem examination. In politics, Aristotle described what happens when inequality spikes in a country. Those with enormous wealth ignore rules, regulations and the laws of society; and those living in abject poverty develop resentment and hatred for the rules, regulations and laws. The very essence of society comes under threat.
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