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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Wow, BC has lacked this intellectual analysis for years now. Kudos to Jadukor and TBF on rekindling REAL discussion.

Bolsnaro was massively popular BEFORE he was stabbed, so thats not true. He was always expected to crush the opposition.

Bolsnaro had won 55% of the vote which tells me Brazil is still deeply divided over him just like Americans are over Trump. While the key moment for Trump was the Comey memo of opening an investigation into Hillary days before the election, for Brazil it was the stabbing. My overall point is that it is a case of a lack of alternatives rather than an embrace of right-wing populism.

Regarding Trump being a genius.. I would say he knows how to dumb things down into toddler level messages and sadly that seems to resonate with his base. Otherwise, build the wall or crooked Hillary or lyin Ted wouldn't have gotten so much traction. Obviously, the non-college educated people like his simple vocabulary as opposed to Harvard grads like Obama. The question is whether you want your leader to have the same level of knowledge and intelligence as you or you want them to be exceptional people both in terms of intelligence and character. Trump did not win the Republican primary through his genius, he won by simply promising everything that people wanted to hear while other candidates were hesitant to lie. Everyone else played under the rules of accountability and truth while Trump didn't. He went with whatever resonated like a salesperson. The biggest advantage with Trump is that he is prepared to lie about anything because he controls the news cycle. He knows his next lie will overshadow the previous lie and he can continue this process perpetually. He said he will have healthcare cheaper than Obamacare but will also cover pre-existing conditions. This is yet another false promise alongside Mexicans will pay for the wall.

Sadly the news anchors are also too invested in covering Stormy Daniels rather than pressing Trump on specific details of every policy he champions.
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