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Originally Posted by aklemalp
Jeb! Is history of the saner of the lot in the GOP field.

Now Kasich and the Jigglypuff Carson needs to step down....then it'll be Trump versus the two Latinos, Cruz and Rubio...what a triple threat that would be.

Meanwhile on the Democratic side, it's Sanders trying to pick up momentum before Super Tuesday.

Some riveting and unprecedented drama awaits the USA
There was nothing wrong with Jeb's ambition, but he should have understood that after having two war mongering presidents from his family, it was almost close to impossible to convince voters to send another Bush to the White House.

He refused to understand this simple fact, and he therefore rightly went down as LOW ENERGY (not a Trump supporter, but there should be no mercy for war mongers. George W Bush is the stupidest president America has ever had in their history.It is a wonder that his guy was elected twice, of course he stole the first election)
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