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Intolerance is the FABRIC of our society. Be it religious or political. You don't have to look beyond guys like Shingara that buffoon who wrote a tirade against England living on that same land and eating their nuun and others members of this forum.

We hypocrites PREACH freedom and tolerance and shamelessly trot Shaheed Minar and Smriti Shoudh with garlands paying respect to the martyrs who DIED for our right to express opinions and our Selves, yet when it comes to practicing it we take hack saws and axes and chop Hindu/Atheist bloggers and who DARE criticize our QUEEN.

Awami League cadres are thugs under the guise of politics. Where tf is Hercules when you need him?

This is the only reason why despite our flaws America is America cuz you don't actually frikkin die for expressing your views.
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