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The problem with Hewitt is that he is plain aware of his limitations. But he wants to play beyond himself. He is the only professional player who plays davis cup year in and out. he wears his heart out on his short sleeves. As for his theatrics on court, thats his way of motivating himself. If his "c'mon" shout is offensive to the opponent, then so is Maria Sharapova's megawatt grunts. Hewitt has grown from being the crude and brass teen to the player of today. Earlier in his playing days he was so rough on the edges during his interviews that it was hilarious. Now he is more matured, but you still cant take away the "aussie" fighting spirit. With the demise of Pat Rafter and Philapoussis, he is the only player whole Australia can rely on. And he wants to give back something to his country. He has said on numerous occassions that davis cup is his foremost love. And this is why he has hoards of followers. How many top tennis players played davis cup in their prime? I admire Hewitt for that.

Yes, his defeats against Federer is very sad. Hewitt doesnt have a potent serve, he doesnt have a one handed backhand, he is not versatile in the sense he cant do serve and volley in regular fashion. yet he is willing to fight till he drops, the best counter-puncher in todays game. You cant say that about many ppl.

As for the word "poofter", Eddie Mcguire of "who wants to be a miilionaire" this week called a contestant "Nancy boy" on national television because he was not willing to risk the money. So.......

Having said that, I really dont like Hewitt personally. But I enjoy his game and like the way he carries the fight to the other guy until the last point of the match.

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