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Originally Posted by tanvir_nus
Since following Bangladesh from 2003 almost like a maniac I have developed some 6th sense. I can almost feel what the Bangladeshis are feeling within the team, and trust me the feeling almost always translates to performance, will be interesting to see how correct I am with the following statement about our chances.

I feel Bangladesh will be excited before the match, almost too excited. A lot of them will be dreaming of a dominant victory, maybe even dream of hitting the winning run. A lot of them would not have slept whole night. For them the occassion will get to them, it is will be a nervous moment for the team. If the opposition gets off to a flying start we got a good chance of winning this game because only then will they come back to reality and concentrate hard. In fielding and bowling they will be ok but with nervousness mixed with excitement I doubt if they will be able to hit big scores. We have a better chance of winning 2nd and 3rd matches because of this, just the sheer fact that the occasion of the whole world watching, first match of the CT and almost first time in England for most of the squad. This will be nerve-wrecking moment for the team. I won't be surprised if they capitulate to the pressure created by the media, the packed stadium and just themselves.

This is exactly what I am feeling now, and I hope and pray to Dear God that this is not true. That we can absorb the pressure and just go out there and enjoy and look to play fearlessly. Yet to see which route we are going to take. Either England got no chance or BD is going to crumble like a deck of cards.
I know miraz and mosaddek will have trouble but the rest have played plenty of ICC tournaments especially our 5 seniors. Fizz maybe. Rubel not really.

So I don't think the players will have sleepless night.

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