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Originally Posted by RealSports
Eclipse guy should be banned for a while. He is just getting annoying. Fizz hasn't been the same, but we have been playing Cricket away from home lately, and his bowling will obviously be a lot different compared to playing at home where the ball grips. What Fizz needs to do is keep it simple if his variations are not working. He will be really effective even away from home if he can maintain his line and length: wickets will come naturally. Taskin is more of a wicket-taker than Fizz anyway, so like I said – keep it simple

Yes, yes let's bann this guy who presents actual facts instead of living in his own delusional world.

Sorry buddy, but u've presented absolutely no fact and just hoping that somehow fizz's 120 km pies will give him wickets in the future.

Let me break it down to u bro. If fizz doesn't learn how to swing the ball within next 15-20 months he'll turn out into another mediocore player who started off with a bang and gave the vibe that he's a world class bowler due to the novelity factor that was attached to his bowling when he first came to the international arena.
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