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Originally Posted by Eclipse
Fizz is almost finished bud. Look at the way he's trundling at 120 kmph. As I said already, he has been exposed and it will only get tougher for him from here on.

Have u seen any improvement in his bowling? No, he hasn't improved a bit. He can't seam the ball, can't swing the ball and can't even bowl at express speed. So, what can he do?

I'm not saying he should be dropped or anything like that. He's still the best fast bowler in Bangladesh team. Why wouldn't he be the best fast bowler in Bangladesh team when the bowler he has to surpass is unfit mash and spray gun taskin.

But my point is he isn't the world class bowler we all expected him to be. He's just a poor man's Bravo and he's on his merry way to become another S.Russel. Nothing more than that.
Are you really serious or just trolling! Whatever rocks your boat, my friend!
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