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I saw the delayed race. Raikonnen was brilliant and i have said from the very first race that he was in that he's the future. Alonso is good, but Kimi has that flamoyance and grace about him that will make him a memorable champion.
He literally blew past everyone and seemed "untouchable"!
Disppointed to see Schumi and Rubens not doing well, this is a year they're going to struggle and I dont know what Bridgestone are doing about it, thats the only area they're weak in. I think if this kind of progress goes on this season then we might see Bridgestone out of future F1 races!
I am also impressed Trulli and Ralfi's performance and wish them well.
Webber's an a$$ for driving the way he did against Giancarlo- he should get fined or penalised for that sort of driving!
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