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Tasting the first test win against a G8 team was fundamental need for morale boosting. Bangladeshi team should be pumped up now. More good news is they lead the series 1-0. West Indies are now on huge pressure. This WI team is far more superior then the Zim team we beat. Bangladesh isn't a too bad team either as most thought. We needed to get away from idiotic leadship to true leadership who lead from the front and make an impression on and off field. Sakib shows what he is capable of. Definately he nailed it. Vegetarian Tigers only needed to get the taste of meat. No one can stop now Royal's growing brutal strength and force.

Throw Gayle, Sarawn, Chanderpaul, Edward, Bravo or whoever in front of ruthless Tigers now to see tear them apart.

Its just beginning of many!!!!

Good Luck Bangladesh.

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