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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
Here's my fear... and it's a recurring nightmare for BD... the fast bowlers are slowly being eliminated one by one from Bangladesh Cricket.

It would appear, the best way for any fast bowler to secure a place in the team in the future, is to literally be an all rounder.

I don't deny that at this time, the fast bowling unit has been destroyed and why play bowlers who simply cannot perform well enough. But my point is that no other current teams would do what Bangladesh might do, and play just one pace bowler.

It's so very sad to witness, Rubel, Shafiul and Nazmul all being set aside just 18 months after I left the role of bowling coach. Whatever the BCB has or hasn't learned, the fact you need to bring through fast bowlers to win Test matches and ODI's is sound. You do not dominate world cricket with spinners. No team ever has. It's either a pace attack to be scared of, or a batting line up that can chase down any target.

So very sad to see where the pace unit has come to
Coach, just curious to you think giving Rubel was a strategic mistake from Mushy or is it that Rubel could not deliver? Want your views on it..
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