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A lot of people calculate their Zakah amount for the year during Ramadan. Just wanted to pass along a message from a friend of mine who is part of Islamic Circle of North America Council for Social Justice Muslim Prisoner Support Project. They provide prayer services, Qurans, religious books, prayer rugs, hijabs and other forms of support to Muslim brothers and sisters who are trying to turn their life around in prison. Here is the link to their website: This is a volunteer only project and the money collected is only used to support muslim prisoners, nothing else.

Assalamu Alikum warah matullah, please consider giving your yearly zakat and zakatul fitr (sadaqatul fitr) to the Muslim Prisoners Support project this year. We are overwhelmed with the amount of work being asked of us by the newly reverted Muslims, the counties and state prisons, the lawyers who are receiving grievances about lack of Islamic help in prison, the families who are crying because they cannot provide for their loved ones. Learn more at
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