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Default GM Blasts Performance, Leaves Taylor in Tears


Posted 54 minutes ago

TORONTO - Toronto Tyrants GM AsifTheManRahman was unimpressed by his team's performance in its MLC Round #2 fixture against the New York Rangers on Thursday. The post match press conference saw a clearly distraught Rahman trying to make sense of some of the decisions made by the players during the game.

"We were well on course to post 220 at one point, but fell ridiculously short", he fumed. "You don't achieve world domination by scoring fifties - when you get there, you convert it to a hundred", he added, clearly dissatisfied by the dismissals of Brandon McCullum and David Warner shortly after each reached his fifty, the joint fastest in the league to date.

"Some of the bowling changes have been atrocious, some of the bowling even worse. We need to go back, have a grueling retrospective session, take a hard look at ourselves and identify what went wrong and why it did. The MLC is bigger than life and mistakes are unforgivable, unless they get fixed and fixed fast".

The Tyrants kicked off their MLC campaign with a victory, defeating the Rangers by 15 runs away from home.

Virat Kohli was on the receiving end of his GM's criticism after the Tyrants' clash with the Rangers on Thursday

Steve Taylor in Tears

Tyrants' US recruit Steve Taylor reportedly broke down to tears after the press conference, when Rahman took the heat to the dressing room.

"I have never played with cricketers who set the bar so high for themselves", he sobbed. "You come from an environment where 20's and 30's against the likes of Mongolia are applauded, yet here you have these guys facing some of the best bowlers in the business, striking fifties at 200, then banging their heads for not being good enough. It's terrifying."

When asked whether he was hopeful of featuring in the main XI, Taylor, who failed to perform in the warm up games, buried his face in his palms, flooding them as he ran back into the dressing room.
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