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Originally Posted by BD_Ashraful
If anyone has any ideas for other articles, feel free to post them here or send me a PM.

I finish exams in 3 weeks and after that I'll be writing more, so any suggestions feel free to post them.

Carn the Tigers!

Carn the Tigers.
May be another one expanding this theme?

I had the honour of Mohammed Ashraful visiting my house in Bangladesh in 2004 when I was visiting Dhaka on my annual holidays. Nowadays, Ashraful is known more for his inconsistency but during 2005 he was on song and one of the most damaging batsman in the world. At the time, it was just after he scored a match winning knock against Australia which gave Bangladesh their maiden win over the Aussies. So it was a real honour to have him at my house. He was a top bloke and was really friendly. He even invited me to his house for Korbani EID, one of the most important Muslim celebrations, but I was heading back to Australia the next day, so I had to decline
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