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This is correspondence chess. You make a move you wait for the other person to move and that you make move - depending ont he rules some of these games can take up to weeks if not months and all the games are stored in the server and you can always go back to those games and resume from where you left off. Ussually each player plays dozens of games simultaneously so you are likely to have games going all the time.

May I suggest a better alternative?

FICS is a free a chess server. You can login using a free interface like babachess.

The games are real time and you chat while playing. You have a wide range of time limit option from 1 min per game to 1 hour per game depending your taste and you can have ratings too. Not sure if you can make a "group" like BC chess group.

Anyways I just created a new account and if anyone is interested to play you can drop by. My account is "BlahBC" - if you are going to create a new account you create it with the "BC" so that others can know if you are from BC.

You can also create a "BC" channel, I will see if I can do it.
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