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Default BC Chess Tournament

Hi everyone,I created a BC Chess Tournament in you don't have a account and you would like to join the tournament then please sign up.Registration is free.After you sign up,write "I signed up" or something like that in this thread or send me a BC PM and I'll send you an invitation to join the tournament using the PM after the deadline ends.Depending on how many people sign up,we might have to do multiple groups.I'm setting up a deadline for sign ups and its August 13th at 00:00 GMT.The rules have 3 days to make a move or you lose by time,all games will be rated,meaning it will affect your rating points,and each group will have a maximum of 5 people.Oh and please don't ask others for help or accept offers for help.That won't be fair to others.

Sign ups...

bangla-ash- Ashraf-FTP
Banglared- bangla-red
nadimhaider- Nadim98
BanglacricketRifat- Rifat
Warfaze- Imteaz

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