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BD is and has always been in a deep deep mess. There is no room for unnoti. And I mean major unnoti.

Personally I find staying overseas is the best way to serve the nation by:

1) Minimising our population. That's one less person the country has to feed for every one that leaves.
2) Injecting foreign currency into the local economy.

Speaking from a realist point of view, there are equal number of pros and cons in living in BD. By doing the above 2, I am serving my nation more than some sorry bloke screaming "joy bangla, joy gonotontro etc". Patriotism is good in times of war, but for last 30 years no one threatened us. So there is no need for it atm.

Before I left for Sydney, my Bangla teacher at school gave me big talk that how I am neglecting my motherland, and not serving my nation, by "fleeing" overseas. I was little at that time but now I feel like asking him what is he doing to serve the motherland aside from just yapping away and teaching shoryea roshoi dirghoi and some boring Nazrul poems.

Speaking of unnoti, to me the root of all the problems in Bangladesh lies in three major areas:

1) Over-population. We are a small country and if we need to desperately reduce our population if need be give out free condoms or enforce 2 child policy if that fails. I think 1 is a bit too harsh, so 2 is a better. Screw democracy, population control is more important than some guy's democratic right to have multiple babies.

2) Education. We need to overhaul our education system and use foreign aid to build more schools and improve the quality of education in universities.

3) Corruption. Enough said about corruption already, and it's being taken care off by CTG. Though more needs to be done.

Unless the people who gets paid to serve the nation and root out these major problems, (the government may that be CTG, BNP or Hasina), does anything about it, Bangladesh will remain in this sorry state for eternity.

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