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Originally Posted by tonmoy.dhaka
I am full of flaws, I do not deny that. I am only human after all. If people find my views prejudiced (specially someone who agrees with me 9/10 times) than I definitely need to sort myself.

What Ajfar said , makes it sound like "Muhammad" is the victim here. The truth is that the victim is a women, Asia bibi and countless others in the past who has been victimized (killed) accused of the same crime.

A truly flawless guy would not require much defending. if I say "Nelson Mandela" is an idiot", than the whole world would know "I am an idiot for saying that". No one has to defend him. His supporters would not attack me neither would Mandela ever let that happen in his name.
I didn't say you were flawed, but you may have blindspot. :-]
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