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Absolutely. While I do agree with Ajfar about preaching by action, but poor Muslim is she who acts passively. Who doesn't probe and get to the truth of the matter simply out of fear is nothing but doing 'spiritual bypassing'.

Kinda like you see a homeless man getting beaten up by goons and you walk the merry way out of YOUR fear of confrontation with the whole 'Allah-i oder shashti dibe... amar ki'. No. God will FOCUS on you because you had a chance to be tested to the limit, you had a chance to act fearlessly and help a fellow human being out but you didn't because of YOUR self-interest.

I laud the non-confrontational peace loving attitude, but THAT itself starts with the assumption that somehow Peace Loving and Non Confrontation is somehow morally superior virtue than argumentative or combative attitude. )


If you already have a fixed set of ideals imprinted in your psyche, you will just continue to act out of it without getting to the heart of the matter.

Non-confrontation itself stems from fear and one's SELFISH desire of preservation. (My favorite interpretation is when Krishna urged Arjun to go to war and this dude was against warfare and stuff. Whole point being, by drawing a line between good vs evil and that confrontation or war is 'evil' you are ALREADY setting up a baseline and anything that deviates away from that, you will vilify it via spiritual bypassing.

“The highest praise of God consists in the denial of him by the atheist who finds creation so perfect that it can dispense with a creator."

Proust said it. Similarly, if I wuz Gaawd, I'd REWARD the skeptic-seeker who went out of his way to educate and learn and yes, albeit confrontationally debate as it should GENUINE AUTHENTIC sense of yearning than just saying: "meh, let's all be passive and ladidadaaa merry... God will punish those and guide those whom He whims.."

Mea culpa. I used to justify my Taoist beliefs in such passive way which would lead to nothing but passive-aggression. Suppose some schmuck mistreated, which they inevitably did latching on to my past people pleasing mode, and I'd just go, meh... let's be like water and yield and be passive

But water can break dams too! LOL.

That's the problem with people-pleasing so called "humble" smiley-emoji smarmy people. They don't stand up for themselves and tolerate abuse and LATER take it out on others passive-aggressively holding on to bitter resentment. I'd much rather erupt and throw a fit on the spot, than harbor SPITEFUL grudge against people. People like these - and my past personality- is CRIMINAL.

"Iqra" was the first word. Although it means "Read" I guess my subcontextual understading is "Seek."

Again nice post ToBeFair although we may be miles apart on our spiritual-metaphysical foundation.
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