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Default Coin Toss

Oracle: TAILS!
Match Referee: That is a head, what would you like to do
Tehsin: We'll have a bat *shakes Oracle's hand*
Reporter: Tehsin you chose to bat first, why is that?
Tehsin: It was a hard decision but we thought we should just bat first up and get a big total on the board and guarantee us 2 points, then our fast bowlers can do the rest
Reporter: What kind of score will you be looking for in the first innings?
Tehsin: Well the pitch doesn't look that great for batting but I'd be very happy with anything over 400
Reporter: No changes to the side?
Tehsin: No but we've moved around the batting order a bit, Naheyan comes up to 7 and Navarene drops down to 10
Reporter: Oracle, disappointed with losing the toss?
Oracle: Not at all, bowling first means we can give our players time in the middle to get used to this form of the game and steady the nerves before they bat, it is a lot of player's first class debut today
Reporter: So no changes to the squad that played the one-dayer?
Oracle: No, changes can be bad for a team, I think we just need some sort of unity in the team, although that's hard to achieve when there's cricketers of both genders in one team
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