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We're still at 60% of our ability even during this rebuilding period, and need to be at 75 to 85% to win games we're expected to win as a team. I don't want us to peak before the playoffs. Hopefully we'll start playing vintage Red Wings hockey then. The idea of playing either the Hawks or the Avs for the Cup someday is an enthralling one for us at the RWN.

We're winning games ONLY because of solid goaltending and because Hank and Pasha have stepped up. Alfie has been on a hot streak also. Gustavsson has had a couple of unexpectedly good games. Good reflex goalie but his positional play needs to improve. Our young and very talented defensive corps is learning and cutting down on turnovers, but we need more offense from future Norris contenders Kindl, DeKeyser and Smith. We also need better offensive output from forwards other than the big two and Alfie. Franzen has worked harder than I've ever seen him work during the regular season but it's still not hard enough for his pay grade. Gotta play Tatar and Nyquist every game, period. This obsession with Bert and Cleary must stop.

Bernier looks to be the best Leafs goalie since Cujo, and Kessel, Lupul and Kadri are a serious offensive threat, but that defense?
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