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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
Ah so you hangin' with the Troy. Nice going Bangy.

The #87 the wife got me is too loose for me too. I'm too old to grow into it though. Maybe I can get fat like Tamim, eat a lot of beef.

Btw, Beamer bhai what did you do? How come your wife has Bangali mentality? You transformed her yo.
You guys are funny yo!

LeafsPWN bhai is big time now. Hanging with Troy and Trina.

Asif- tomar abar wife kobey theke? Congrats! Naki GF key wife bola style azkal? Please, don't get a tummy like Tamim ! Return the jersey after wearing it for months like a true Bangy style.

How did I transform her? ha ha..bhat and kochu bhorta..thats how.
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