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If he stays healthy . That is the key. He was running away with it last year until the jaw incident. And, of course, that year when he was having an unbelievable year until some no name garbage named Steckel decided to elbow him in the back of the neck. Keeping fingers crossed.

Man the Oilers are fast. They played great last night. Perhaps a bit unlucky they didn't win. Fleury was very good ( regular season champ that he is ) and possibly robbed them off two pts. We are far from a finished product. Letang and Neal hasn't played this year due to injury and those two are pretty big part of the team. Bennett is hurt now too and missed last night. Its still too early. But, can't complain with the results so far.

Metro div is bad right now, but its October. Plenty of time for teams to gel and address issues.

Oilers are fun to watch but they have first line talents playing in third line. Sometimes it doesn't work. They have to upgrade that D without a doubt.
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