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Ha ha ha...and HE IS BACK !

I had a evil plan to lure him back. I was about to embark on an epic rant of trash talking about the Wings. I know he reads the posts and hoped that my move will bring him back. But, I am glad that I didn't have to resort to such a tactic. Actually, I am very glad !

Hertl's fourth goal ! OMG. Milbury didn't appreciate it. He said it was hotdogging and somebody should have laid him out for doing that in a game that was already 7-2. Whatever moron! Freaking dinosaur. Only think I hate about NHL being back is to sit and watch NBCSN and its panel of Milbury, Douchebag Roencik and the other Flyers scum.

Yes, great rookie class. But, the 82 game is a grind. Expect some of them to fall off.
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