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Originally Posted by R0ssei
I might have used a wrong word here. Let me rephrase: I simply cannot like RM for players like Ramos, Pepe and Casemiro. Physical challenge is an integral part of defending, but not to that extent when a monster size defender (Pepe) steps on opponent's face or another (Ramos) gets a yellow card (some of which should be a straight RED) almost every 2-3 games.

And RM currently has too many good players at every position. Something similar to Brazil or Australia in cricket some years ago. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it - I just naturally don't fall for them unless it's Bangladesh.

And I can't watch/follow a sport objectively. That means I can't only look for my fav team to win/lose or my fav player to score or not. Football will lose all its beauty to me. When a player scores, I will want to know how he scored it, who assisted - the whole setup.

BTW, you automatically and typically brought Barcelona into the comparison. As I said before, I'm not a die-hard fan of any current club or player. So, there is nothing wrong in liking RM and its players, but when you say Ramos is the best defender and absolutely ignore what else he does in the field - that's not the spirit I care.
There is matter of personal opinion which you rephrased to just now and then there is making statements like "any sane person cannot like what Ramos, Pepe (ex) and sometimes Casemiro do in the field". My reply to was just that only because if we are talking sanity, then some of the stuff for example Suarez does are also not something a sane person can like if we were to go by your statement. Regardless, every big team will have a Ramos, Vidal, Suarez etc. who are known for their antics.

Fair enough on the good players point, if that's what you prefer.

And I am not sure what you mean typically? How often have you seen me bring Barcelona into a conversation? For the record, I only brought Barcelona because you mentioned right before RM parts that Barcelona is one of your favorite teams and I do not watch the other teams you mentioned enough to know which players are known for their antics. You brought up the question of sanity by others so I mentioned that the team you support also contains players that have done not so sane things in the past going by your statement. As for the Ramos part, I was just responding to your statement as to why he is considered one of the best. When they are giving the Balon D'or to let's say Messi or Ronaldo, they are not looking at who they fouled, how many cards they got, or how ugly they were with other players. They are basing it on their respective stats, titles, and season performance. That's the same in Ramos's case. You might look at things outside of his abilities such as antics and spirit while others do not, that's all. Doesn't mean you are right and they are wrong or they are right and you are wrong. It's just what aspects people value over others.

At the end, I would not have questioned any of your statements if you phrased in terms of personal opinion instead of making it seem like you're judging everyone who like those players and RM in general.
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