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If Bucks win it all, it will be ALL DUE to Giannis. I see all the other pieces they have, they are no better or worse (probably worse) than all other eastern contenders. Middleton was not a sure all star pick. Warriors are Warriors ofcourse, with 5 all stars when all healthy.

And Lebron has thrown tantrums in recent years that he needs at least two other all stars with him, and has gotten it thus far except this season.

So for Giannis to do this, by himself, as the sole legitimate all star, would be amazing!
That is if they get past the Raps, I think they will, but GSW in 6 in the finals.

To put things in perspective, the last time a team won the finals with just one legitimate all star was in 2011, with Dirk's Mavericks. The fashionable thing to do since then is for guys to team up.
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