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Originally Posted by iDumb
speaking of mj's competitiveness, i dont know how true it is but i remember discussing this with a friend of mine when i was a kid...mj did an ad with mia hamm then soccer star of women world champion ..on gatorade ...they play various sports against each other while the song "anything you can do i can do better" is playing .. MJ apparently complained later that he didnt like the ad because the video showed Mia beating him in karate... lol.. i dont think it was true...there was no google to ck it out back then..
His competitiveness was out of this world. He wouldn't take a loss no matter what. That bold part is true. He didn't like the ad. I am not sure about Karate. I don't think Mia practiced martial art or Karate. Pound for pound Mia wasn't a push over though. The only time he was intimated and was out of his league was with another MJ. Michael Jackson.

MJ's ads were classic. Gataroid, Nike, Hanes. "Want to be like Mike." Mike and Larry, Mike vs Mike (younger MJ). Then Mike vs Mike vs UNC Mike. Classic ads.

All these athletes (competitve sports - Americans) have huge ego. HUGE. Even playing golf he would incur so much debt by betting against his fellow players. He was good but not PGA good. Or Poker. Never wanted to lose. To him it was chump change but still it became envious to others.

I don't think MJ is the best athlete I have ever seen or even the best basketball player ever. But I have not seen any one with that kind drive to win. The desire of winning was unreal.
MJ's only obsticle was Houston Rockets. He has a losing record against them career wise. For some reason he could not win against Hakim and Co. Those two years that he left for Baseball The Dream won 2 rings. That would have been a tremendous series had he not retired and Bulls making it to finals.

And just for the kicks.

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