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tigers eye good post on mj. i think ppl that debate mj vs lebron are usually young who probably were toddlers in mj era...

i think its somewhat similar to maradona, messi type of debate.... just watching few clips on youtube will never give one the grasp of the magnitude of how big some of these players were.....

MJ is arguably the best athlete in the world to have ever lived..... i think u have to live in that era to grasp how big he was....

every single kid wanted to be just like mike... everyone loved him.... nike created the most profitable brand even to this date around him.... ppl knew of mike where they dont know of basketball..

it is not ur skills only, it is the whole persona that create these greates..

speaking of mj's competitiveness, i dont know how true it is but i remember discussing this with a friend of mine when i was a kid...mj did an ad with mia hamm then soccer star of women world champion ..on gatorade ...they play various sports against each other while the song "anything you can do i can do better" is playing .. MJ apparently complained later that he didnt like the ad because the video showed Mia beating him in karate... lol.. i dont think it was true...there was no google to ck it out back then..
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