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[quote]Originally posted by Orpheus
Originally posted by James90
I think Orphy just rung up his friends and told them to vote for him. Poor form.
heh! Na man that's foul. I don't play that but I have to admit somewhat subliminal campaign has taken place... For example, my increased amount of posts lately and interacting with some members more frequently than others probably caused them to vote....

How do I know? well the person who voted told me..

So, I am sure about one vote but the second vote I am uncertain of..... I know Melancholy was online when I was posting in this thread... It may be her because She and I go to the same school... (this can be borderline foul).

Well I couldn’t resist myself not to participate on this forum since my name showed up.
I thought voting is really a personal judgment. You vote for the person that you think is the right one for the category. And I am sure every member that was nominated for the Best Veteran of 2005 has those qualifications.
Moreover, in every race there is ONE winner not all. What I am saying is I am sure those members that voted for these nominees voted for the one that they thought deserved it the most. Now one don’t just give their vote easily to a person that they know or if they are somehow related to the nominee.
Orpheus just coz you and I go to the same school it really doesn’t mean that I have to give away my vote for u. I made my own judgment! Even though I got paid to vote for u. You can’t buy votes with money ORPHY.
Just kidding! He is too cheap to pay me or any1 even a dollar just for a vote..
Anyways Congratulations! It seems u won w/ or w/o my vote..