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Excellent write up Tanvir. It mirrors the whirlwind of emotions, the ups and downs me and many other BD fans might have gone through. I was up the whole night and well into the day with bloodshot eyes alternating between despair, anxiety and finally delight.

Something told me today is the day, its going to be a day to remember and cherish. Early on I was livid with the way Soumya's decision went, but could only crush the beer can in my hands in frustration. Post Mushi's wicket when Moyna came in; something forced me to still stay awake and skip the workday come what may. So I did, and boy was I rewarded.....!

There after it's been on a roller coaster party ride across the past weekend. A few of my colleagues wagered that NZ would beat BD hands down. I offered to treat them at a place of my choice if that didn't happen. And boy did I have the last laugh. I literally did a lungi tuliya victory shindig after we romped home. The trance still pervades in the smile that envelops my otherwise serious countenance.

Regardless of what some say, I give credit to the whole team for this performance with a special mention to Fizz(who set a cat among the pigeons or Kiwis) and Shakib(who was our Maajhi in rough waters). This proves that we can do well when we put our hearts into with a cool head.. Thanks for this amazing performance boys I am truly grateful .
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