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Default Least used shots

Gideon Haigh wrote on the leg glance in this Cricinfo piece today. Other than leg glance, which is relatively less riskier than aerial one, if applied with a fine touch or nudge, can result in boundary without brute force.

Problem with Bangladeshis is the least used nuances or subtleties in shot selection. Sweeping is underused too. And today I saw one of the most breathtaking straight drive in Michael Clarke's 230-innings.

Why do our all-gun-blazing batsman NOT consciously incorporate them in their arsenal? They chiefly go for aerial ones with "gayer jor" when a simple guiding in gaps (based upon nurdling for singles) can be invaluable.

Don't coaches emphasize on this point or players are too stubborn to settle for such "artistry"?

[I agree that batsman should play the ones they are comfortable with, but one must evolve his game as time progresses , imo.]
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