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Miami Heat Qualifies for the playoffs with another nail bitting finish

After losing the toss on a slowish track, Dirk Nannes gave Heat's the usual breakthrough in the very first over, which was overshadow by the "one and only" Chris Gayle for few overs. Coming to bowl in the 5th over, Nannes 3rd, he was smashed for a four by Gayle but very next ball, Nannes had the last laugh where he bowled a yorker with such a pace that even Gayle was so late to bring his bat on time. As CG got out, KC's RR started to drop every over, and at the end of 20, they managed to put on a formidable score of 133 for 8. Dirk Nannes got 2 wickets, and M. Starc, D. Mascharenhas, G. Dockrell & Mo Hafeez was among the wicket too.

In reply, Heat's opener Marcus Trecothik & Mohammad Hafeez started with a flyer, tearing apart KC's bowling attack, until the world number 1 All-rounder Shakib Al Hassan came to the action, who eventually got better of Trescothick. From, 77-1 in 6.4 overs, it looked to be an one sided match, but Heat's middle order had different idea. Mo Hafeez and skipper S. Raina was also dismissed in the next over, leaving Heat on 83-3. At this point, Heat's were still ahead but tight bowling from the world number one AR Shakib made it harder for Heat's to score runs. In the meantime, Heat's didn't lose any wicket, and that was the key. However, on the 16th and 17th over, there was another twist, where Heat's lost 3 key batsman, including 2 of their set batsman. Luckyly, the RRR was below 4, so D. Mascarenhas could see Heat's home in another high voltage game.


Score card

Toss: KCC (Bat)

Result: Miami won by 3 wickets.

Mohammad Hafeez was awarded another Man of the Match . His 2nd in the comps so far.
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