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Originally Posted by Miraz
Thanks godzilla for opening the thread. I agree- something needs to be done.

Overall the forum appears fine. There is a lack of front page content and dynamic banner updates etc.

A forum thrives by engagement from its members which is clearly lacking. I am visiting the forum almost every other hour but there is almost nothing to engage with or no one to discuss/argue/fight with our passion. If we can pick up engagements, everything else can be sorted out easily and will fall into place.

I will try to sort out the front page content during the World Cup.

Let’s hope we get some core members back and BC again becomes the best cricket forum online.

Thanks for taking the time to do something about the forum. If you guys can put on a notification system, like system, we are bound to see more engagement from the users. Ususally if I post something, someone quotes me, I have no idea unless I specifically go and try to find that exact thread/post. Makes it dull and not worth the effort. I think that would be a great way for members to innitiate conversation/engagement.
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