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Okay I burnt midnight oil to bring this bumper special just for you guys. I will give you 10 pitch reports and you try to guess the 'right' answer. You are the captain and you won the toss. Do you bat or bowl first? By right answer I mean what would most captains opt for that situation.

1. That there are cracks on the turf. Apparently, according to experts, there is moisture in the air and on the pitch. It could offer variable bounce.

2. The pitch for is same pitch that had been used for 4 other matches earlier in the tournament; there is some wear and tear and it is expected to play slow.

3. There is a lot of grass on the track albeit dry. The curator says that "the ball will carry through to the batsmen and seamers will be able to extract height, though it might be tough for the spinners as the ball may skid."

4. Its dry and hard, but the curator says there will be good bounce and carry, with the pitch slowing down later in the day. Its a humid day, and word is that the dew will not be a factor.

5. A typical subcontinent pitch that is dry and hard. There's but a smattering of green on the pitch.

6. Seems to be fairly cool conditions out in the middle, with a maximum temperature of 13 degrees Celsius. Its cloudy but dry at the moment and the field, reportedly, was rather damp and the covers were on for most of the morning. Given the recent rain, and the heavy cloud cover, one would expect the pitch to be slower. There's no sun out right now and the surface is hard, and there's the chance a few deliveries may stay a little low.

7. It's a sunny day... for the moment at least. There was heavy rain last night though. The forecast is for scattered showers. The pitch has some moisture and there will be something for the new-ball bowlers. After that wears off, however, it'll settle down and be good for batting.

8. There is not much green grass on the track. It looks a pretty firm one.

9. Test match. The surface today has an even covering of grass and appears quite hard. The first hour of play will be the best for the seamers and if the sun stays out, the batsmen should enjoy themselves. It could however get slower and lower as the Test progresses.

10. Test match. The conditions are overcast. The pitch is hard and has a live covering of grass so the ball should skid through early on.
Pitch report courtesy of cricinfo.
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