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It is well known that Hewitt uses his antics to get himself motivated. I don't know if it's "Aussie spirit" but it is needlessly crass and mildly annoying, even for a TV spectator. I have seen Hewitt needlessly contest line calls and overrules that were obviously correct and stall the game by debating and glaring at the umpire. That is no "spirit", it's thoroughly unsportsmanlike.

The best thing an opponent can do is shut him off mentally and let his game do the talking against Hewitt.

I haven't seen Hewitt yell a single cmon against Federer recently. That's because Federer is too good for even the best effort Hewitt can ever hope to put on court. What's the use of yelling cmon when you know that you don't have the game to counterpunch Federer, that you have lost 15 sets in a row, and that you are going to lose inevitably anyway? I find Hewitt's silence in these matches ironic and amusing.
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