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Originally Posted by Arnab
I will try to add a web-based Bangla typing feature to the forums. That way it would be OS-independent. You won't need to port anything around even. Just log on to a website and type Bangla.
That would be really great.

Anyway, the purpose of the Avro Keyboard portable edition is not to beat the web based typing systems. It will just let Avro Keyboard users not to learn every typing scheme available, learning Avro will meet all the needs, anywhere. You know, already there are a lot of web based typing solution made by bnwebtools, somewhereinblog, bdjobs, Deepayan Sarkar, Bn Wikipedia, projonmo forum... and there are slight or major difference in them...Same people visiting their site, is it possible for a man to memorize all these systems?

One possible solution for you can be Bnwebtools which have a major options for scheme variations (some of them are still in alpha or beta stage), but that may or may not be free for Banglacricket (free for personal use only), you can contact the author for permission. I know that is using it for online Bijoy Unicode typing system.
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