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The title of the following article describes the essence of dealing with Donald J. Trump.

Sell Your Soul For Donald Trump, and He'll Sell You Out

Even if you sell your soul to serve Trump, he won't hesitate for second to throw you under the bus. This is Trump in a nutshell.

And I don’t think it’s unreasonable to wonder, as we contemplate the ongoing disgrace that awaits her in civilian life, what she got from the deal. We could debate how much of a soul she truly had left to sell when she became Trump’s Homeland Security czar—you don’t rise to that position with a clean conscience—but at the very least she was relatively anonymous in the big picture. So: For attaching her face and name to the horror of child separation, what’s the reward?

As usual with Trump, the answer is “nothing.” Worse than nothing, really. Like so many before her, she got kicked to the curb—she walked into her meeting with Trump on Sunday hoping for a “reasoned conversation,” per the Times, and with a plan to improve border security and her own relationship with the president. She walked out with nothing but a command: Resign. The reason? Ironically, because she wasn’t tough enough.
There’s a moral tragedy here: On some level, Nielsen knew what she was about to do was wrong. And then she did it anyway, but the sacrifice she made—becoming a national villain—was only met with more demands, more stress, more pressure to become crueler and more draconian, right up until the day when he effectively fired her.
Imagine forfeiting your identity, forever, for a boss like that! In the end, of course, he wouldn’t even let her break the news of her own departure—he had to tweet it himself.
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