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When Trump screams FAKE NEWS and labels main stream media (MSM) as the enemy of people, MSM decries Trump as a threat to free speech and democracy, but they conveniently forget that it was the sold out MSM that enabled Trump in the first place.

After the spectacular failure of collusion conspiracy, who can blame Trump if he screams fake news and MSM as enemy of the people? Yes, these name callings are antithetical to how a president should behave in a democracy, but these name callings work because MSM has completely lost all credibility.

MSM was complicit in Iraq war. They always support war because they are partially funded by military industrial complex.

MSM regularly spread lies about US imperialism.

MSM showed Trump's empty podium for hours but refused to cover overflowing Bernie Sanders rallies in 2016.

MSM gave Trump 4 billion dollars worth free media because it was good for their ratings!

MSM peddled collusion theory, not because it was truth, but because it was good for ratings and profit.

However, when the unthinkable happened and TinyHands became the leader of free world, they feigned disbelief. Instead of holding Trump accountable on policy and organizing a meaningful resistance, they peddled a collusion conspiracy, which unsurprisingly collapsed on their face.

Instead of peddling Russiagate, a true media should have tried to find the root causes that caused millions of Americans to choose a joke of a character like Trump. They never tried to find out what truly went wrong with Hillary and the Democrats. MSM never asked the right questions.

Trump is no friend of people, but when he labels MSM as the enemy of people, it resonates, because MSM has been phony and fake for years. Simultaneously, these name-callings reiterate Trump's perpetual status as a victim. Trump wins both ways. SAD!
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